McKinney Music Studio   
Resources for Teachers

These are some forms, worksheets, and other materials used in Adrienne's studio. Please feel free to download these materials for use in your own studio. Updates to the list will be made throughout the year. Enjoy!

Cadences in Three Positions (PDF documents) - Cadences in root position, first inversion, and second inversion as required by the National Piano Playing Auditions (National Guild of Piano Teachers). Pattern I - IV - I - V - V7 - I, half-note duration. Chords are not labeled. I use these as teaching tools and student worksheets. One key per page, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Piano Prep Activities (PDF) - A list of activities for beginners ages 4-7. I use this list for the first month without a method book, and then gradually incorporate a method book series.

Keyboard Worksheet (PDF) - A worksheet with two keyboards. Used to reinforce key names. It looks strange on the screen, but will print cleanly with no grid lines.

Keyboard and Staff (PDF) - A sideways keyboard with the staff connected to it - shows relationship of keys to staff. Inspired by the book A Soprano on Her Head by Eloise Ristad.

Points Chart (PDF) - A motivational tool. Students accumulate points toward composer busts (Halbe plastic busts available through Friendship House).